30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days!

by | Apr 3, 2018 | 95 comments

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Block 4 – Dutch Door

 Hi, I’m Brenda of Songbird Designs, and I’m glad you could join me for day four of the 30 Quilts in 30 Days blog hop! Thanks to Carla of Creatin’ in the Sticks, for hosting this fun hop and choosing some great, simple blocks! I love them all! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring! I live in the south and this has been a strange and LONG winter. We’ve had two pretty decent snows, which the grandkids loved, but me, not so much. It’s pretty to look at as long as I don’t have to be out in it! Now allergy season has arrived with a vengeance, and that lovely yellow-green color put me in the mood for a new table runner! I know, strange, right?! I just happened to have some pretty butterfly print and some “spring green” fabric that my friend Ila from Maine gave me when I made her a quilt last year – you can see it here. So those were the choices for my table runner using block #4 – Dutch Door.

Making the block: From solid fabric, cut 2 strips (C) 3 x 10-1/2 inches, and one 5-1/2 inch square (A). From focus fabric, cute one 5-1/2 inch square (B). Stitch the two 5-1/2 inch squares together. Next stitch one of the 3 x 10-1/2 inch rectangles to each side of the center squares. That’s it!!! Now, how easy was that?

And now without further adieu – my project ~ the Spring Windows Table Runner! The colors in the photo really do not do it justice!

To create the runner, I stitched together 8 blocks and arranged them as shown. Stitch Blocks 1 and 2 together, then 3 and 4, then 5 and 6, and finally 7 and 8. I then stitched combined blocks 1-2 to 3-4, and 5-6 to 7-8, and lastly stitched the two halves together. If you prefer, you can stitch row 1 (blocks 1, 3, 5, and 7) together, and row 2 (blocks 2, 4, 6, and 8) and then stitch the rows together. There are no quilt police here!! Next I cut two borders 3 x 20-1/2 inches long and stitched to the sides of the table runner. I then cut two borders 3 x 45 inches and stitched to the top and bottom. Quilt as desired and bind!!

This block has so many options. You can add more blocks and make a bed runner. Arrange the blocks as you like. Here are a couple of examples.

Another thought is for a very modern looking quilt – very classy in black and white, I think.

I have some of the most beautiful Amish Black Quilting Fabric that I purchased at Keepsake Quilting. This is truly the richest black fabric I’ve seen. No shades of gray here! It would be gorgeous in this quilt! And now for the giveaway! I am giving away this bundle of 8 fat quarters. It even includes a fat quarter of the butterfly fabric I used for my table runner!

You can enter here (UPDATE: Sorry the giveaway has ended!)  A winner will be chosen at random on April 11th! Please be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you should you win! Sorry, but due to shipping costs, this give away is limited to US residents only. Best of luck to you!

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s the blogger list for this hop. Please visit them as well!

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  1. Tu-Na Quilts

    That’s a tough question. Most days I call myself a modern quilter. I love the new larger blocks, negative spaces, custom quilting, bright colors, and those great traditional patterns that have taken a modern spin such as a wonky log cabin or the ability to manipulate fabric making intricate designs using paper piecing.

    • Brenda

      I love the larger blocks also. I just completed a quilt for The Quilt Show’s International Miniature Exchange, and while I enjoyed it, those little blocks were not my favorite to piece! The traditional-turned-modern blocks are great!

  2. Joan

    Enjoyed looking at some of your links. Fun quilt ideas and yes-Amish black. Great giveaway.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Joan!

  3. Beth F

    Love the black & white idea!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Beth!

  4. Roseanne

    Hi Brenda,
    This is sure a fun blog hop! I love seeing all of these simple blocks made into fabulous designs. Your table runner is beautiful – I love that buttery fabric you chose. As you mentioned, it would be so easy to adjust the size for a longer runner or even a wider one. I have a really long island so I usually make a 72″ runner. It’s almost long enough to be a king size bed runner! Thanks for sharing this with us today!

    • Brenda

      Thanks for “hopping” by, Roseanne, and for your nice comments. I love this is easy to adjust to fit whatever you choose to make! Confession: We have a 74” long table, and I intended to cut out another set of blocks to make it longer, but my brain went on vacation while I was cutting, and when I started stitching putting the blocks together, I realized the error of my ways! But this looks pretty good when I place it in the middle of the table! It’s a tall table and I use it for my cutting table as well!

  5. Lisa Marie

    Beautiful! The butterfly fabric is gorgeous and I love that you showed a bunch of potential layouts.

  6. Carla

    Your runner is so pretty and look at all the wonderful ways to use the Dutch Door block. Great post!! Thank you for joining us for the 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop!

    • Brenda

      Thank you for hosting, Carla! This is a fun hop! Looking forward to June!

  7. Lisa England

    Forgot to answer your question, modern or traditional, I think I am some of both! I make many traditional blocks but using modern fabrics.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Lisa. I do love traditional with a modern twist!

  8. Susan L.

    That is a tough question! I like making both modern & traditional quilts. I probably lean a little more towards traditional though.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

  9. Rosalee

    Lovely table runner! I tend more toward traditional with a twist of modern.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Rosalee!

  10. krislovesfabric

    Pretty project, thanks for sharing today!

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Kris!

  11. selina

    Love your choice for a layout(s) for this simple block. The black and white is a great idea. I’m closer to a modern then a traditional quilter I think. I do like the bright of modern but not the amount of beautiful quilting involved. I want snuggly not art.

  12. Dino Candelaria

    Mostly traditional

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Dino!

  13. Beth T.

    I think of myself as a “modern traditionalist”–which is kind of a cheat, I suppose. I love the traditional patterns, but I’m always ready to “tweak” them. Looking back, I see that traditional quilters often felt the same way…so I suppose that maybe I’m simply following traditions.

    • Brenda

      LOL – love your term! I think I’m a “modern traditionalist” as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Rosalind Gutierrez

    I have to go with Traditional quilting..guess I am old fashioned at heart.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Rosalind!

  15. Susan

    Great project! And thanks for showing alternate layouts – so many possibilities!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Susan!

  16. Sharon Aurora

    I’m probably more Traditional, but I just go with what I like. I like your Spring Windows, and I’m thinking that would look good with some embroidery.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Sharon! Yes, this is a great block for adding embroidery! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Ila in Maine

    Brenda, I am in awe at all the great quilts. When it comes to quilting I am modern as far as colors, but more traditional where patterns are concerned. I love bright, wear your sunglasses colors paired with Amish Blacks and deep, deep purples, can’t get enough of them.

    I love to hand quilt small things but the larger things, well you know who I turn to for that – you. Thanks again for the wonderful job you did on my coffee quilt. People who come into my home still rave about the details you put into the blocks, and I love it also.

    • Brenda

      Awww, Ila, thank you so much for your nice comments! I really enjoyed doing your quilt! I love most all colors! Some have grown on me lately like orange and red! I love jewel tones with the Amish black too!

  18. Susan

    Oh, I like the table runner ideas – or bed runner, too! The black and white options are great, as well. I like the black you can get in Amish country stores, and I’ll bet it is the same that Keepsake Quilting has. Thank you for the chance to win that great bundle of fabrics, and for sharing your ideas.

    • Brenda

      You are very welcome, Susan. Thank you for your kind words!

  19. Susan

    Oh, and I’m a fence sitter. Sometimes I fall off on the modern side, but I’m still more traditional. I’m working toward that 50-50 point!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Susan!

  20. Shirley Clark

    I guess I’m a mixture of modern and traditional, but lean a whole lot to traditional. Your project is beautiful.

    • Brenda

      Thank you, Shirley!

  21. Joan

    It’s a timeless block. I see so many options, and oh so easy to stitch up quickly!
    Love your topper!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Joan!

  22. Brenda Hulsey

    For the most part I am a traditional quilter. But that’s not to say a modern look doesn’t catch my eye at times!

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Brenda!

  23. Ioleen Kimmel

    Love how you used this simple block for a lovely table runner. I’m Canadian but wanted to comment.

    • Brenda

      Thank you, Ioleen! I appreciate your comment!

  24. Jayne P

    Sometimes it is the simplest of blocks that have the greatest impact (hope I can join in the giveaway as I do have a US mailing address)

    • Brenda

      Yes absolutely Jayne! Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Cathy K

    This looks fun! I love seeing something made easy and looks great too! Traditional

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Cathy!

  26. Kay

    I am enjoying this blog hop block a day so much. I am a modern traditionalist (I think). I like to create unique quilts using traditional blocks (or not so traditional). I think the fabrics we choose can take a traditional block and give it a modern look. I appreciate everyone who has participated in this hop. April is going to be such a fun month.

    • Brenda

      Thank you, Kay! It’s definitely a fun hop!!

  27. mary

    That’s another fun block and your fabrics are perfect with it. I think any of these blocks would make a great quilt in black and white.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Mary! I agree with you regarding using black and white for any of the blocks!

  28. Carol Kussart

    I love your tablerunner! It’s amazing what can be done with Carla’s simple blocks. I like modern quilts, but tend to make traditional ones. Thanks for sharing.

    • Brenda

      Thank you, Carol!

  29. Laura

    Thanks for the clear tutorial. This is a wonderful quick project, that could be extended to a larger quilt.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Laura! So many possibilities with this block!

  30. Nicole Sender

    I am a traditional quilter who is trying to be more modern! your table runner is lovely!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Nicole!

  31. Cindy Shelley

    I am mostly a traditional quilter. I love tools and discovering short cuts. I love butterflies.

    • Brenda

      Thanks Cindy, so do I! And these butterflies needed to fly right into this project!

  32. Melody Lutz

    I lean to the modern side…95% of the time. Great versatility in your block!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Melody!

  33. Vicki H

    I usually make traditional quilts. I have been trying to modernize a bit. The simple block makes a beautiful table runner.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Vicki!

  34. Pam

    What a beautiful table runner! I love the quilting on it, and the fabric. And thanks for this generous and beautiful giveaway, and for your inspiring blog. I think I’m mainly a traditional quilter, but I love modern quilts. I just don’t have the free motion skills to beautifully fill all that negative space!

    • Brenda

      Thanks for your nice comments, Pam. I hope you’ll visit again! Just keep practicing – those skills will come!

  35. Nina

    Cute project! thanks for sharing!

    • Brenda

      Thank you, Nina! Glad you stopped by.

  36. Anita L Jackson

    My thoughts are that I would be more modern with a traditional twist because I love bold and crazy and more scrappy to make it interesting to me. If I am creating for someone else, I tend to lean towards their styles and choices but me, I’m just crazy with it. I love your patterns for the runners. Simplicity in them, and you can turn it into something very full of pattern with fabric choices.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Anita!

  37. Carol S.

    You made a beautiful runner with Carla’s Dutch Door. I love the blue!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Carol!

  38. Clara Chandler

    I enjoyed all the creative ways you suggested for a very simple block. Thanks for the chance to win those beautiful purple fabrics.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Clara! Good luck in the contest!

  39. Delaine

    I love this! Such a simple to make block that has so many different layouts to make into a quilt. Thanks!

    • Brenda

      Glad you like it!

  40. Christi

    Wonderful project and I like all the extra drawings. Gives me ideas.

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Christi!

  41. Judy B

    I started out as a very traditional quilter. I love the idea of using up fabric to make something useful. My favorite quilts are scrappy. However, as I have progressed in my quilting journey, I have begun to see a change in my interests. So now maybe I am a traditional ( I am 72 after all) modern quilter.

    • Brenda

      Judy, I’ve found myself going from very traditional (log cabin was my first quilt) to a little more of a modern twist! I believe we can grow and change at any age…thankfully!!

  42. Sherry V

    I love how you turned the Dutch doors to create a new design.

    Your fabrics are lovely.

    • Brenda

      Thank you, Sherry!

  43. MaryBeth

    I mostly make traditional quilts, but appreciate the beauty of modern quilts.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary Beth!

  44. Carol

    I’m just a quilter….Who can’t be identified 🙂 I quilt in all ‘schools’ of quilting Can’t help myself ~ Love quilting ~

    • Brenda

      “Just” a quilter is an awesome person to be!

  45. DeeDee

    Thank you for the block and chance at winning some beautiful fabric.

    • Brenda

      You are welcome!

  46. Colette

    I call myself a modern traditionalist. Siouxzq64@gmail.com

    • Brenda

      Thanks for stopping by, Colette!

  47. Deonn

    Fun block! I love the design possibilities!

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Deonn. Glad you dropped by!

  48. Mary Ann Maciel

    Really liking this tablerunner. Clean and not fussy. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. Hope your allergies aren’t too bad.

    • Brenda

      You are welcome, Mary Ann. Glad you like it!! Allergies aren’t too bad. Thank goodness for Xyzal though!!

  49. Connie K Campbell

    Beautiful table runner Brenda!


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