I think the 7-1/2 inches of snow at our home in central Alabama (December 9th) is probably all we will get for the winter! While my grandchildren loved playing in it, this GiGi…well – not so much!! I’m just thankful I was home and didn’t have to go anywhere!! This is the view from the Quilt Cave about an hour after it started! It snowed hard and fast!!


And the hubs had a little trouble getting up the driveway when he finally got to come home! His truck got to sleep there overnight and part of the next day!! Everything pretty much shuts down here when we get snow – especially if there is ice involved!! Thankfully it had been warm enough that we didn’t have too much of an icing problem this time.


So, since this will probably be our one and only snow for the winter (kinda hopefully wishing??), the only way for me to build a snowman (without breaking something important!) is using fabric – which is a lot more fun to play with than snow anyway!! So here is my snowman – I call this the January Snowbear! One, because it is the January calendar quilt I created based on Kim Schaffer’s Calendar Quilts. (Affiliate link*) And, secondly, because he is decked out in his houndstooth like “the Bear (Bryant)!! Plus, his scarf is even made using Bama fabric! I finished Snowbear just in time to hang for the National Championship Game last night. I just have to say a big Roll Tide and great job to the athletes and coaches! Thanks for #17!! Anyway, here is my Snowbear!

He was so much fun to make! Now…on to a mini quilt for the International Miniature Quilt Exchange and to finish Ms. M’s owl collage quilt for her 9th birthday next month! That girl loves her some owls!! I hope you all have a GREAT happy and healthy New Year and…

Days blessed with perfect stitches!!


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Artwork for cover photo from Diddybag.com.