New Machine and Completed Blocks!

by | Aug 13, 2020 | 4 comments

Greetings everyone! I hope this finds you all safe and well. Unfortunately Covid has touched our close friends’ lives. The entire family of one of my best friends growing up (they consider me their oldest “sister”) has been affected. Her husband just got out of the hospital last week, and unfortunately, she and her daughter started having symptoms and were tested last week and found to be positive. They had been being treated at home, but had to go to the hospital yesterday. They treated the daughter, our godchild, with fluids and gave her a prescription for antibiotics and sent her home, but kept my friend. Some of you may remember, this is my friend who had a six month hospital stay a couple of years ago, due to an infection that we believe came from a bug bite (though doctors could never confirm that) and it landed in her spinal column. She was on the ventilator for months and then went to rehab. She still can’t walk but can at least stand and pivot with assistance. They have only the one daughter, who has been such a trooper trying to take care of them both…and herself as well. So, if you are a praying person, please remember the Hubbards. Unfortunately, her sister’s husband is also in ICU in another hospital, and was finally improving but then crashed yesterday. They got him stabilized. One of her sisters has recovered and is back at work. The one hospitalized, his wife and daughters also had it but they have recovered, thankfully. There are eight of them and all but one live in the same county. If you or someone you know has been touched by this virus, you know how bad it can be. Enough bad. Let’s talk about something good!!!

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought a new machine. Since I am working on Peace Village (now Sunshine Cove), the larger hoop has been awesome. Plus, we have a great dealer here and he gave me an awesome deal! Meet my new Solaris, Sally Jane! That was the name of my mustang, but sold it, so decided to name my machine that! Do you name your machines?

She stitches like a dream!! I also broke down and purchased the DIME magnetic hoop that fits my largest hoop 10-5/8 x 16. The combination of the hoop and being able to place the designs perfectly on the fabric with the projector, makes quilting in the hoop SOOOO easy! Now you may be saying, “What, a longarmer quilting in the hoop?” Well, yes, for this quilt!! The quilting that comes with each block is just beautiful and really enhances the blocks. So that’s what I’m doing. Plus, this won’t be put together until the end, so the decision was pretty easy! Oh, and by the way, I have a beautiful Pfaff Creative Icon for sale if any of you are interested!!

Peace Village has been renamed Sunshine Cove, because we can all use a little sunshine in our lives right now! Here is a picture of the month 4 block that I just completed.

I don’t think I ever posted a picture of block 3, so here it is!

And here are blocks 1-4 all together! Welcome to my version of Sunshine Cove!!

I’m really loving this quilt. Each block becomes my new favorite! LOL I think I’m going to jump ahead to month 7 and then go back and get 5 and 6. Right now, I have to go get busy on my next blog hop coming in September which is the Garden Party Row Along. I’ll be back before then with some more updates!! Until then…

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  1. Gail Beam

    Hi Brenda, Prayers for your close friends who are in the hospital with the corona virus. Hopefully, they get better soon, and can go back home
    . Congratulations on your new and awesome embroidery machine. She looks like a dream!!
    Your Sunshine Cove blocks are beautiful! I love the colors and materials that you choose to stitch them in.
    I hope you are now fully recovered from the shingles.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Daryl

    Hi Brenda. So sorry to hear about your friends. A good friend of mine is a nurse caring for Covid-19 positive people. It is a hard job to do, but I am glad there are people out there doing it for those in need.
    Happy new machine! Enjoy using it and learning. Those blocks you made are gorgeous!

  3. Roseanne

    Hi Brenda! OMG. I bought my very first house back in 1986 from the Hubbard family. Tiger was the young son who had his height marked on the door jam by the back door, and I couldn’t bear to paint over or change anything by those markings. I will definitely include the Hubbards in my prayers. Welcome, Sally Jane. Waaaaa to selling the Mustang – I know we’ve discussed it before but that is one sweet car. What a nice size hoop!! Heck yeah, the Sunshine Cove blocks have become easier. Yay for you. I can’t wait to see how you’re going to put these cute blocks together. Maybe I can pick a favorite one (that will be hard to do) and be one of the neighbors in Sunshine Cove. It sounds like THE place to be right now. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Patricia

    The Hubbard’s will be in my prayers! I’ve heard amazing comments about the Solaris! It looks like you’re having fun with it! Your blocks are lovely – that black background really sets them off! Blessing to all!

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