Today is the last day of this fun blog hop and my day to be the “Queen of Qwazy!” I hope you’ve enjoyed everyone’s posts. Thanks sew much to Marian of Seams to be Sew for hosting this fun springtime hop! At the end of the post, there is a list of the participants for today. If you have time, please visit my fellow bloggers and leave a nice comment. Your comments really do make our day! Oh, and did I mention – there is a GIVEAWAY?!!

When I pondered this year’s theme, “choose your own Qwazy,” whether it be a project with a mistake or one that just turned out wonky, I couldn’t help but think about my current project! One of my goals for February was to finish the center medallion for a quilt I’m creating for guild’s our biennial quilt show, QuiltFest 2019.

There was a little (okay, maybe a tad more than a little!) time lag between when I created the pattern for this quilt in EQ8, and when I actually cut out the blocks. Can I just say time is not a friend of my memory?!!

And sometimes, as much as I love (really!!) math, my brain takes leave sails right on through to the next step, leaving part of me behind!! Or, maybe I was just not quite awake when I cut out the blocks. At any rate, I did NOT think it all the way through. I can definitely recommend not only the good advice of “measure twice, cut once,” but also please double, even triple check what the measurements should actually be!!

As I was getting ready to cut the filler blocks and sashing for my quilt, (keeping in mind it had been a while since I designed it), I opened up EQ8 and, using the Print & Export feature, clicked on the block and got the measurements for cutting. OK, so here is where my brain took leave (or I was still asleep!). The blocks were 10 x 4.25 inches. Somehow, I remembered to add the seam allowance on the long side of the block to make it 10.5 inches, but did not allow for the extra on the width of the block. So instead of cutting them 10.5 x 4.75, I cut them 10.5 x 4.25. Guess when I found out about my mistake?! Yes, it was when I started putting the sides, top and bottom on the center piece! I thought OK, no problem, I’ll just “ease in” all that fullness. Well, apparently I was STILL in sleep mode when I had that brilliant idea! But, I trudged ahead, making it all “fit” or so I thought until I put it up on my design wall! Much to my embarrassment, I’m going to show you this fiasco!

Look at all that wrinkly, poofy fabric!!

Nothing I did would smooth out all those wrinkles!! And honestly, there was a full inch along all four sides to make it fit! I sat down and stared, and stared, and stared at it for a good 30 minutes or more until my brain hurt and I just walked away. After a couple of days, I came back and stared some more. Then I started “ciphering!” I got out my handy tape measure and measured the blocks, went back to EQ8 and looked at the design – and then it hit me – like a ton of bricks!!! I didn’t add the seam allowance to the width of the block!

Since this quilt will be entered in my guild’s quilt show this summer, I knew exactly what I had to do. Thank goodness, I usually buy more fabric than I really need – especially of fabrics that I like! Back to the cutting table I flew and cut out eight more filler blocks – the right size this time! LOL Next came the horridly fun task of unsewing all those seams. Thank goodness for my friend Jackie the Ripper! Once that fun had ended, I began stitching everything back together and oh how much nicer the second try was!!

Blocks recut and resewn! SEW much better!

Lesson learned: ALWAYS double and triple check EVERYTHING – especially if it’s been a while since you designed the project!

Well, that’s my Quilt Qwazy story. My question for you is: Have you ever done something this qwazy?? Today, I think I am the Queen of Qwazy!!

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