This week, well, really this entire month, I’ve been working on a project that I can’t share with you just yet! As soon as I can, I will. I love using batik fabrics and Aurifil cotton mako thread! They’ve been my favorite since I learned to quilt and discovered them. This month I had to break into two of my 10 inch stacks to find just the right fabric for my project. This project did use batiks from other companies and I’ll share more of that when I reveal the project. 

When we go on vacation, I always map out where the quilt shops are! Am I the only one who does that? So on our way to North Carolina to visit my brother last fall we stopped in Atlanta and I found a wall of Bloc-Loc™ rulers. And while my left-brained (LB) husband is not quilty/embroidery/sewing creative, he is very supportive and such an enabler!! So, I came home with a pack of rulers for half-square triangles, because I really love HSTs! And boy was I glad I did because they came in very handy for this project with the tiny 1.5 inch HSTs! This was the smallest ruler in the package!







And while I didn’t use this block in my design, isn’t it cute?! These blocks finish at 3 inches! Whew! Tiny. I am used to larger blocks, but it was fun.

Well, that’s my fun for the week!  What have you been doing? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Have a day blessed with perfect stitches!